Ringing in the Hoo Year

Originally planned on heading over dec 30/31 getting back in time for NYE festivities but the weather had other ideas. Luckily the window opened back up Jan 1/2 and after assuring the wife that the trip wouldn't interfere with her plans, it was time to gather a crew.

Amazingly enough, departure was only slightly delayed by a latecomer. Cleared the inlet in the fog and watched the first sunrise of 2016 on the water.


Cleared with the man and headed back out. First bite of 2016 brought a nice double


Picked off a few more over the next few hours and next day, even got some shooting in waiting for the tide change. Weather was amazing over there. Pretty good swell with chop on top for the ride home, luckily we were cruising in the troughs. Lucky enough to see the first 2 sunrise and sunsets of 2016 from the boat and catch some good fish go along. Hopefully it's a good omen for the rest of the year.



Great colors on this little guy. Dude had some serious heart....hope to run into him 40# (on him, not me) later.




  • LET'S GOLET'S GO Posts: 2,041 Captain
    Great trip, the smaller hoo sure is lit up!

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  • e-moneye-money Posts: 4,258 Captain
    Nice going and great crew w Joe J and Derrick!
    Great pics too and nice shooting on big muttons!
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  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,782 Moderator
    What an awesome New Year's trip! The fat hoos are nice but that small hoo is just awesome.

    Keeping busy while away from Florida

  • Flight RiskFlight Risk Posts: 2,461 Captain
    Never seen any Wahoo (pics or otherwise) like that one that's lit-up, Wow! :dance

    Pura Vida!
  • Osprey45Osprey45 FT Pierce/ Boonton Twp NJPosts: 992 Officer
  • CNTDRCNTDR Great Harbor Cay, BahamasPosts: 884 Officer
    Wahoo and Muttons, seems like a perfect trip to me!
    Nice boat too :-)
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  • Lazy BonesLazy Bones Posts: 941 Officer
    Thanks y'all.

    E$ - first trip w/ Joe, great guy...cost me a lot of $$$ tho. He brought a Diawa MP3000, now i need one lol. I used to be ok hand cranking the long line.

    That little one was amazing. If a taxidermist painted a hoo like that, I'd be like "come on man, be realistic."
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Great trip!
  • JIMinPBJIMinPB Posts: 1,875 Captain
    Wow, nice.
  • SLW UroCaneSLW UroCane Port St. LuciePosts: 407 Deckhand
    Nice job, Nat. I talked to Will. U definitely had the bite farther North. U may want to give him some fish. Ha!
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  • tunahoundtunahound Posts: 347 Deckhand
    WOW, that sure is a nice way to ring in the new year. You guys made a nice catch.
  • Plane Fish nPlane Fish n Posts: 6,439 Admiral
    Those are some slobs for sure!!!

    Loved the colors on that small weehoo!!

    Cheers and Happy New Year

  • Totally HookedTotally Hooked Posts: 599 Officer

    Life begin's as soon as I leave the dock!
  • BarracudaBarracuda Posts: 767 Officer
    Great trip! I have found the little ones stripes are always more pronounced ...

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  • bambam78bambam78 Posts: 557 Officer
    Great way to start the new year! Congrats on a great trip!
  • footanklegfootankleg Posts: 513 Officer
    Stud hoos there and muttons as an appetizer. That mini hoo looks like it was just airbrushed. Crazy and vibrant colors. Congrats on a great run. Let me know when I can borrow your soon-to-be new electric reel. 😁
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  • PaulBoatPaulBoat Posts: 4,389 Officer
    Missed that one bones... Nice fish!!! :fishing
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