December Wrap Up Report (Pic heavy)

Tripletail fishing has been great along the channel markers, crab trap buoys, and floating grass matts. Live shrimp under a float is a sure bet when targeting these fish. Look for them as you run from spot to spot. They hide just below the floating structure or nose up to channel markers.

Redfish are still around the islands and creeks from Yankeetown to Homosassa. Throw anything small (live or artificial) in front of these fish and they will pounce on it with authority.

Trout fishing has been hit or miss for me but it seems like whenever you find them, they are usually bunched up in pretty big schools. Gulp on a jighead under a popping cork is a great way to target these fish.

Snook fishing isn’t really something that I usually do in December but it wasn’t too bad. Most were caught while we targeted redfish.

Lots of other stuff to target also. Sheepshead, Gag Grouper, Black Drum, and Pompano just to name a few.


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