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Makita 9227C Buffer/Polisher $125 + shipping

barlow46barlow46 Posts: 312 Deckhand
Bought this to do my camper and boat. Excellent machine but have reached the age where I have someone else do the detail work. This was used one time on my fifth wheel camper and one time on my 17' boat. Excellent results and a workhorse machine. Includes everything in the kit, buffing pad, foam pad and carry bag. Take a look at pics and PM me for questions. Here is some info from website on Makita buffer.

"The Makita Buffer Polisher has a variable speed from 600 to 3,000 rpm for super slow buffing to aggressive polishing. The electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load. The lock-on button allows you to use the Makita continuously at one speed. The 10-amp motor makes the Makita 9237C work tirelessly, no matter how often and aggressively you use it. The 6.5-inch Velcro backing plate accommodates 7-inch and 8-inch pads. The machine weighs only 6.6 pounds so you can work for extended periods without tiring your arms. The Makita 9237C features a large, comfortable handle and a convenient spindle lock in the polisher to make changing pads easy. The Makita 9237C polisher comes with a 7-inch blended polishing pad, a 7-inch wool compounding pad, and a nylon tool bag."

$125 plus shipping.
East Coast Florida


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