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12-30 PC inshore

Fished the buoys and small floating weeds today for triple tail.
Managed 1 keeper, 2 shorts and lost a good un on the chain.
The water was dirty and warm at 77deg.
Dumb Fish Die First


  • SeaSpySeaSpy Posts: 410 Deckhand
    Very nice.
    I did the port on Monday. From locks to
    Almost the jetty.
    Not much inside.
    My son and I both elected not to brave the
    Rollers in the 15 skiff.
    Ended up on the nw basin and managed
    some snaps and jacks.
    6 rigs back there when we left.
    Hopefully the wind will shift to the west
    and the bight will be firing good.
    There were lotsa birds working the center just
    Outside but couldn't get there!

    Ron Alford Expert Investigations & Surveillance
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