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Sporadic inshore success but still learning

I'm a new member to the forum in the area for college winter break. With some guidance from duckmanJR :hail I was able to do pretty well these past few days.
12/26: launched my kayak at 7am with a strong wind out of the East. First two spots were empty then at 8am I found a few trout in 3 feet of water. Caught 7 trout ranging from 13"-17" on a white/chartreuse CAL jig.

12/27: went out in the middle of the day for two hours but was skunked.

12/29: launched my kayak at 7am and found myself surrounded by mullet pods in the shallows. I netted a few fingers and live lined for a bit but no strikes. I caught a 14" snook on the CAL. I found a redfish sunning itself and cast my CAL toward it. It followed my jig for a second then stuck up its nose at it. I dabbed some Pro Cure shrimp gel onto my CAL then repeated the cast and was rewarded with a 22" redfish at 8:15am.

It's days like these on the water that get me through the cold winters up north!
Still learning how to upload photos...


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