December Reports from around the Big Bend

Suwannee 12/10

Had a good friend come over from the east coast to hit the marsh with me. He was in need of fish for an out of town hunting trip. We hit some of the deeper creeks looking for trout but they were not thick in the creeks. Managed to get 4 or 5 nice trout but that was it. So we pushed outside to a shallow rocky area looking for reds. They were there, some big ones too, but could only get the 22 to 24 inchers to eat for some reason. Managed around 20 or so. Which easily filled our limit. We did however find that the big uglys were still tailing. So we both caught one just for giggles. They were both in the 35# range.

Horseshoe 12/13

Got to privilege to fish with my brother and a life long friend. Decide that the trout were not in the creeks with the previous trip so went north of horseshoe to hit the flats. We had a negative low mid morning which I like to fish up there. Well it did not disappoint. The trout and reds were laid up in the pot holes just like they should be in spring weather. Caught well over 40 nice trout up to 23 inches and 20 reds up to 30 inches. Super fun to pitch a bait to a fish you see laid up in a hole and watch him pounce on it.

12/17 Yankeetown

Fished with a co worker who has snookfever. Put in at daybreak and headed for the backcountry in search of snook. With in 5 minutes of fishing, he pulls the hook on a mid 20 inch snook. 10 minutes later I get blasted by a big girl on top water, but only get one jump before the hooks pull. Well then it went dead for a while. So we decided to shoot some mullet with the bow for the smoker. Put 5 big ones in the box and went back to fishing. Hit the next spot and finally managed to get a snook in the boat. A little guy at 23 inches. Then I got one at 24 inches. Made another move to try for some reds on the low tide. My red spot had more trout than reds in it. Boated 7 nice trout, all around 19 inches, before moving to another red spot. The reds were home here and we managed to get 10 or so mid slot reds. Now back to the snook. Tried one more spot before calling it and sure enough my co worker got a nice slot fish at 28 inches.

Back to Suwannee 12/20

With the cold weather, figured the fish finally moved into the creeks. So loaded up my boys and headed over for the afternoon low tide. Got to the first spot around 1:30 to fish the last of the outgoing and it was on. A trout on every cast. Told the boys we need fish for a fish fry but I did not want to clean 15 trout. So we set a size limit of 19 inches. We managed to put 9 trout of 19 inches in the box and two slightly over slot trout. So much for not wanting to clean a bunch of fish. Kind of got tired of catching trout so made a move to a redfish hole. They were stacked up in there. All mid slot fish. Boated around 30 or so before the bite died. The tide was supposed to moving in now but appeared to still be going out. So made a move to a spot I have not fished in a while and the mid slot reds were stacked in there as well. Boated around 40 or so in here. Double after double after triple. I stopped fishing for a while and shot some video of the kids catching fish. Lets just say I am better with a rod than I am with a camera. Most of the video was either feet or my finger. lol Wanting to fish out front I ran out the creek to give it a try, but it was not happing with no water so headed back into the creeks and hit a couple of more spots with pretty much the same results. Red after red. Did find one hole where there were not a bunch of fish, but dear old dad pulled two good ones out at 26" and 28". We definitely got over 100 reds with most being 21 to 24 inches and a pile of trout. I would say the winter bite is on, but it is supposed to be 80 degree's all week.


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