Big Bull 12/17 off Boynton

Got the lines in off Boca at 7:15 headed east. Not a lot of weeds at all out to 850 feet. Got hit @ around 10 by a relentless wahoo around 700 ft. Nothing for awhile so we headed to about 430. Found some birds working the area with tuna and picked up another weehoo and two 24 inch peanuts. At this point we were off highland beach. Saw a frigate to the northeast so we ran towards it but after almost getting to it, we decided it wasn't worth going any more farther north. So we turned around and just trolled south. Found some birds but nothing. So about 15 minutes later, just as things seemed to have died down as it was 1ish, the one rod takes off. I thought I saw a huge flash of mahi blue but wasn't sure so I didn't wanna get my hopes up. But when I saw a cow around 10-15lbs hit the other line as we were clearing I knew then it was a pair and this thing put on a show. Cow came unglued but at that point we didnt care and we landed the bull with a clean gaff shot. AND got it all on the GoPro. Weighed it in at 44 lbs at the dock.


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