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West End 2nd run

CompleatCompleat Posts: 2,777 Captain
This time it was the 75 underneath me as we cleared the cut then customs... Great boat and great owner. Even got me some stone crab claws while I was in the customs office. Gotta say I really enjoy those guys there. Some where around ten trips least fiscal year and so far 2 this early fiscal year they recognize me making it faster and smoother each time. Slid back out and hit the edge... We had bait marking on the machine super thick and hoos making as well in some places. They didn't want to play. We headed up the line and talked to three boats coming back from white sands to the corner with no luck up there. We headed back south and saw some that had worked their way from Freeport... Not a good sign.
I kept working my marks and "spots" and eventually we saw some surface activity. Added a cedar plug to spread thinking maybe small tuna... nope... Small wahoo. Got one and busted one off. That was it.
We ran to Lucaya in the dark and that became home for the night. This being a 75 yacht style takes some getting used to. Big 100amp cord is different game than 50 by a long shot. 75' 1" dock lines are intimidating and heavy as well. Got tied up and hosed off. While dinner was cooking talked to a couple boats. One had worked Gingerbreads with no love another had been up at Issacs where they got a dolphin and a surprise blue marlin on a wahoo bait!
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