CR 12/16 Line Strecher @ Knot Tester

Went out yesterday a little too late and only got to fish for a short time before the water was gone, but managed a 27" Snook. Today, Robbie and I set out just before sunrise for some possibly season ending topwater out on the flats. I don't do much topwater fishing after the water drops much below 70 as I havn't found it to be too productive and some cooler weather is coming. First couple spots did not produce. Guess we could have slept in a little like Billy. We stopped by a trout flat and for a while it was every cast, but most were small. We had our fun there and moved on. I hear a big Snook hit Robbie's lure with that telltale giant suction slurp they do and the battle was on. Fish was in good current and was a multiple jumper of 5 or 6 times. After a good battle the 31" fish came to the net. While Robbie was retying his frayed leader I hear some commotion and turn around to see a school of Jacks numbering in the hundreds going right by us. They looked big so I threw my lure out there and BAM! This fish had no idea he was hooked for a while. My MH rod was doubled over an line was peeling off. I realized he was going to spool my Battle 4000 reel loaded with 15lb braid, so I put up the power pole and gave chase with the troller. I don't fish off shore, so I have not caught any big Grouper or AJs or other fish that really pull with endurance, but this was a fight on light tackle. Gradually made headway in the strong current we were in and after a long battle Robbie netted a monster 33" Jack. My biggest Jack and hardest battle to date. Awesome fun! Home with a grin!


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