question about ssmi # on a hand held vhf

snapperwhippersnapperwhipper Posts: 115 Deckhand
My old fix mount VHF finally gave up after 20 years so I need to replace it. I have a small boat and hardly ever venture far offshore I am thinking about a handheld like the Horizon HX870 with all the bells and gadgets. Now I understand about the MMSI number being registered to my boat but what if I take it on my friends boat fishing and an emergency occurs and I push the distress button. This unit has GPS so the CG will know where I am but looking for my 17' boat not the one I'm on. Well at least there looking right? Am I missing something here or is that about it. What if I'm out of VHF range? Does the distress signal still reach the CG ? What do you guys think of the Horizon HX870? Thanks in advance Mike.
When all else fails...jiggle that wire:\


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