12/10 Boca- Big Bull on the Inflatable Raft

Took the inflatable raft out today by myself as my buddy canceled last minute. I got a late start and cleared Boca Inlet at 11am. I Found a nice weed line 4 miles off which I caught a few slingers. After an hour or so I decided to push further offshore.

I came across another weed line at 9 miles. This one was holding more fish. I caught and release a few more slingers. I came across some type of blue plastic 15 gallon bucket/drum. I trolled passed it and ZZZZZZZ…Fish (Big Bull) on my 12lb test spinning rod. I was losing line fast and was afraid I was going to get spooled. I was by myself so I had to back down and fight the fish at the same time. As I gain line and get closer to the Bull I’m now close to the blue bucket. The Bull had (2) 30lb cows swimming with him and a bunch of 10-15lb fins under the bucket. After about 30min I have him tired and next to the boat. I now have to manage to gaff the fish one handed and cant make any mistakes since I’m on a raft. I eventually stick the gaff into him and pull him inside the boat.

I see another boat ¼ mile away and decided to motor over to him to see if he could take a picture of my Bull. He was able to take some pictures on his phone for me. I also informed him about the bucket that was close by and sent him over that way. I had to head in since the fish didn’t fit in my cooler and needed to get him on ice.

The Bull ended up weighing 38lbs at the dock. Later that night the guy that took the pictures sent them to me. He said he was never able to find the blue bucket but while looking for it he found a 10ft tree. He said he caught a 43lb bull and (2) 25lb cows on the tree. Best part I burned 2.5 Gallons of gas.


  • HJaredHJared Posts: 225 Deckhand
    thats ****in awesome good work, stay safe out there
  • lauderdale ladlauderdale lad Posts: 24 Greenhorn
    Congratulations and stay safe out there!
  • LET'S GOLET'S GO Posts: 2,041 Captain
    I'm selling LET'S GO and getting an INFLATIABLE Thanks for the report.

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    wow that's a pig. Nice work!
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  • tim htim h Posts: 18 Greenhorn
    Great catch.
  • CNTDRCNTDR Great Harbor Cay, BahamasPosts: 884 Officer
    LET'S GO wrote: »
    I'm selling LET'S GO and getting an INFLATIABLE Thanks for the report.

    I am thinking the same. Although, I do have a 10' Zodiac with a Yamaha 9.9 four stroke. Maybe, I'll try it before I spurge and buy a 15' lol
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  • Soda PopinskiSoda Popinski GrovelandPosts: 9,218 Admiral
    You're braver than I am. Nice job!
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  • nowinchattnowinchatt Posts: 56 Greenhorn
    Brings back memories of fishing out of Stuart in a 12' Sears gamefisher with a 7.5HP Honda. Trolled two flatlines and a planer on a handline..........Til the day a wave broke over the boat, lost a rod, pulled the drain plug to bail the water and ran it back to Hobe Sound, put it on the trailer and sold it.
  • BarracudaBarracuda Posts: 767 Officer
    I burn at least 4 gallons just to get to the inlet, maybe I'll get an inflatable too...nice job...

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  • SaylorsRevengeSaylorsRevenge Posts: 54 Deckhand
    You sure you r not a salesman. ...... 2.5 gal of gas ,gaffer phins ...sold I'm in !!!! How do you set up ur spread 3lines? I'm intrigued!!
  • dpdashdpdash Posts: 5,359 Admiral
    Great fish for sure! Congrats
  • BocaCentury2900BocaCentury2900 Posts: 99 Deckhand
    Nice job!!! Beats by 1.5mpg! Be safe!
  • Fi$h2nguyenFi$h2nguyen Posts: 7,782 Moderator
    Cool way to go. My itch to get down there is getting bad!

    Keeping busy while away from Florida

  • b1gdog83b1gdog83 Posts: 113 Deckhand
    I have two rod holders mounted on the transom that I troll two rods out of.
    You sure you r not a salesman. ...... 2.5 gal of gas ,gaffer phins ...sold I'm in !!!! How do you set up ur spread 3lines? I'm intrigued!!
  • Dustin BoyntonDustin Boynton Boynton beachPosts: 339 Deckhand
    That's amazing. Good fish
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