Yankeetown 12/9

Boy what a difference 2 days can make. Woke up to the forecast saying 10-20mph out of the north. Got out to a 5-10 out of the east?? I wasn't complaining. Ran out to a pretty low tide so we started trout fishing. Boy were they on fire. They were eating everything, topwater, flukes, jigs, whatever we threw. Most of them being 19-23" with a few smaller ones mixed in. After about 2 hours of that we went to go find some reds. Started out kind of slow, but once we found them we couldn't stop catching them. Fished them on the outside in the grass, in the creeks, and on shorelines. Tide got pretty high today so we decided to explore an area I don't know much about and it paid off. Took a friend with me today as she doesn't get to fish much but loves to. Turned out to be a pretty epic day! Once I caught my keeper red I just stayed on the platform and helped with fish. Will post the video after I get off work. Here's some pics! Here's the link to the video as well.


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