E$ + CT = Roby Spanked em 12/9/15 (KDW! Wahoo, Kings, Gaffers, Sail)

When not on big boat, I have been partnering up with Slob City!
We had a lot of fun this AM w repeat customer / friend / forum member Roby. :fishing

We set up shop about 7 am, and within 2 minutes had a nice gaffer in the box. (approx 15)
Reset and get SMOKED and this time it's a nice king. Put em back out and OMG!!!!
STUD Wahoo misses the first time, then comes back at 50MPH and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.
E$ on the wheel, Roby on the rod, CT on the gaff and STICK HIM!! High 5's

Reset and had another hoo eat, but missed then caught another solid gaffer.
Put em back out and ZZZZZZZZZZZ. Kingfish in the box for smoked dip.
Next we had a sail eat short, swat bait and get off. That's OK, put em back out and ZZZZZZZZ.

Called it quits around 11 AM w a full box and angler w sore arms! Roby was a bad *** on the rod!
Offering specials for forum members if you want to get in w a great team who will work HARD to get you tight!

Running a new 370Z for Team SeaVee / Wild Billz next 3 days. Have drones, video cameras and will be helping video team to document OPERATION SAILFISH!! Keep you posted and best of luck to all the teams!

E$ out birds having Wahoo sashimi for lunch and wahoo tacos for dinner!!

IF anyone is interested I'll post some video later and have a great day!
USCG Freelance Licensed Captain
20 years experience Offshore & Bahamas ( Sailfish, Dolphin, Wahoo, Swordfish & Bottom Fish.)
(I teach people how to be more effective AND catch MORE and BIGGER fish on their own boats!)
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