Boynton evening report 12/1... maiden voyage!

Haven't posted a report here in a long time! I'm back in the boat game and looking forward to a great winter!

We took our new to us 1993 221b Mako out yesterday evening for the first time. Of course, things always take longer than they seem and stuff never goes exactly according to plan, so we were running late.

Launched across from the inlet and ran out real quick looking for signs of threadfins/dines/runners.. bounced some sabikis around but didn't see anything and quickly decided to go hit a favorite mullet hangout. Well, wouldn't you know that maybe through the past few years this mullet hangout has become uncool, because they were nowhere to be seen. Went to another spot right by the inlet and voila, there they were. A few casts of the net and we had some big boys. There weren't many smaller mullet around it seemed so we headed out looking for some sizable predators.

We start running south of the inlet to set up off of Ocean Ridge and what do you know... our depth sounder stops working. We stop, restart it, mess with settings, all the go to "troubleshooting for dummies" moves.... nothing. We're running a bit low on time now as it's 3:45.. and we still haven't wet a line because bait fishing took much longer than we thought. We decide to stop messing with the sounder and eye it out. We've all grown up fishing out of this inlet so we're pretty confident with ourselves here.

We stop the boat, and throw the first mullet out and immediately some dolphin swim up to it. Turns out, these dolphin weren't a whole lot bigger than our mullet so they move on faster than we can cut one up to chunk. We did get some chunks out, to no avail.

All the while I'm futzing with the kite trying to launch it. The wind was very sporadic and it was making for a tough job.. we bumped it in gear and got it flying finally.

So now we're set up in a depth we believe to be around 150. Sea anchor is out, the flatlines have now caught the same shark twice, and I've been intently playing pro/am sailfish guy on the kite. The inconsistent wind meant the adjustments to the baits were fairly large as the kite was going sky high then dropping down by 30 feet or so every 10 minutes.

Morale is fine, it's our maiden voyage. We're all just excited to be on a boat fishing, what we grew up doing and love. Not a whole lot of action but conversation is passing the time... our stereo doesn't work! Buying an older boat means you have to go back to school for electrical engineering, and the stereo is one of many projects.

SO... I glance out to the kite markers for the 3rd time in 30 seconds and notice one is pulling to the south... I wait a second or two more while yelling at my compadres to bear witness and... boom.. See a bill and a sail, and marker starts sinking quickly. I'm on the reel and start reeling like crazy as he's definitely eaten it by now.. clip pops, I come tight, he goes crazy. We were treated to a very nice show for 10 minutes and had him to the boat. After a quick pic with him in the water, we pulled him in gear for minute, and he swam off lively as ever. Energy was high as we slow trolled the existing baits back toward the inlet to see out the sunlight, not a bite after the sail, but it didn't matter.

A great evening on the water. Great to be back.


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    dpdash wrote: »

    Thanks! Also.. if anyone has any info on whitebait... Has it been around lately?
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    In the channel with all the mangroves across from Two George's at low tide
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    Congrats on the new to you boat and the maiden Sail. Hopefully she has blessed your Mako w/ fish raising prowess for many trips to come. I used to have a '77 21 Mako, caught my first ever solo sail on that boat the first time I took my blessed now deceased wife fishing on it, also on a large live mullet, a great memory I'll always treasure.
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    bluechip wrote: »
    Thanks! Also.. if anyone has any info on whitebait... Has it been around lately?
    little ones around the inside of the inlet the last couple days, probably gill a bunch if you throw on them.
    East Boynton
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    Congrats on the voyage and catch.
    I was going to say same about the white bait, has been more mullet around lately however so that's good.
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    nice job
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    Nice job salvaging the day! Congrats on the new sled too. Nice post.

    Pura Vida!
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    Congrats on the new rig and a way to break it in!!!

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    Congrats on the bracketed mako and sail!

    Keeping busy while away from Florida
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