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Odd Day...west of egmont 11/29/15..sorry no pictures

The day started trying to get bait. Went to the spot that has been one throw and done and it was all little fry baits. Must have just hatched because they weren't even fully developed and they were transparent so didn't bother with that. Went to the Fort Desoto pier on the gulf and there were a lot of fisherman but a ton of bait. We went around the back side so as to not disturb the fisherman. Tide was RIPPING out and wind was howling from the north. Made that fun....

But I get us where we need to be so Kiel can throw under the pier and he nuts it and there is so much bait in it, the whole net starts going or "swimming" to the pilings. Ok, this is going to be fun. I can't do much with the tide and wind and there goes my new net into the piling. It is wrapped around it. So, rather than rip it through, we put the anchor ball on the rope and threw that through the pilings, went and picked that up and wala...pulled in about 20 lbs of perfect size white bait for our adventures... no tear in the net, only quazi bothered one fisherman accidentally, I apologized, thankfully he was cool about it, and we were on our way.

Still a little snotty so decided to blow off the idea of going too deep and went to our mango spot where we have been just tearing it up.

Anchored up but that was fun with the 15+ mph winds. Finally got situated where we wanted to be and thought for sure we would soon be crushing it. Seems the week of cooler weather and wind changed our spot a bit. Tide was pretty slack too which might not have helped us either. But we picked away...Definitely slow going but slowly some mangos were coming over the rails. Keepers, but much smaller than we had been catching.

Then for some reason nice scamps started coming over the rails. I think we put 4 in the box and Mr. Cuda took another one I had on.

We were on the fence of heading in and watching some football or go offshore a little more. It laid down some by this point so I decided to run to some ledges out by the whistler. Same thing there. Scamps, and some smaller mangos. All still keepers but not the sizes we have been getting. Bunch of small red grouper too.

Got broke off by something big that might have been a nice gag but was fishing light tackle so couldn't turn him.

We did get jewfished a couple times at the closer in spot on the 20 lb tackle. That was fun. Both times we kept pressure on it, as much as we could anyways, and the jewfish let go. One was a nice size mango and one was a just short gag.

We have been so spoiled the last few months. We had to work a lot harder but I think we still had probably 10 or 11 keeper mangos and 5 nice scamp so not bad and everyone got some nice vittles.

Tight lines....
In Loving Memory of James Zielske, January 19, 1957-July 5, 2013


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