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11/29 West of Egmont

Sorry guys, no pictures this trip but heading out west of Egmont and fished in 55-75 feet. First spot, on a ledge, pulled a keeper Gag and then about 20 red grouper that we had to throw back. Caught some grunts in the mix also.

Moved from 55 feet out to a plateau in 75 feet of water, and got in a school of about 300 banded rudderfish, limited out in about an hour. Guess what, had to throw another 10 endangered red grouper back and a couple short scamp.

Stopped on some hard bottom on the way in at about 58 ft and drifted for about 30 min, and wouldn't you know, had to throw back another 10 red grouper.

Ended the day with 5 gray snapper, 10 rudderfish, and 1 Gag in the box.

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