11-25-15 Windy Bumpy and Bite Was On!

Back down in BPK for a few days doing some painting and fence maintenance. Too rough to take our boat offshore:banghead so headed out on the Marathon Lady, we have been using them for nearly 18 years or so, great family run head boat. The mates (Jake and John) were awesome, always there to assist with hook removal or rigging. Mrs. LA and I were tossed:willynilly and thrown around but thankfully picked off some very nice yellowtail snapper and limited out, lot of fun and some great eats to serve in between the turkey:grin. We lost tons of jigs to macks and one other family caught a nice cero, others bottom fishing hauled in grunts and porgies. Hope it calms down soon but not looking very promising.

Happy Thanksgiving to All!


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