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Cobia, Gags and Tripletail

My good friend Ben and I got out yesterday in the gloomy pre-frontal conditions to fill his freezer up with whatever meat we could find way up in Upper Tampa Bay.

We started the day around 10am netting some small pilchards. Once we had a little bait we went on the tripletail search. After catching somewhere between 35-40 of them and limiting out many times over we decided to try something else.

We found a small school of tarpon roaming the bay and decided to give them a whirl. Jetted over to a nearby flat with the intent of catching some ladyfish for bait. Mackerel and ladyfish were there in force. While reeling in one of the mackerel we had a cobia trying to eat it off the surface. The mad scramble for a bigger rod commenced and we eventually did the old bait n switch with a baitbuster. Cobia in the boat.

After getting a handful of live mackerel and ladyfish in the boat we went back to find the tarpon. Fished in the area for about 15 mins and it appeared they had left already. Oh well. So, we decided to head to a shallow water grouper spot nearby.

Since there were clouds and the water was not all that clear, we decided to keep the spear guns dry for the time being and hook and line the spot. The highlight of the day was when a 32inch gag chased our ladyfish to the surface and exploded on it. 150lb leader and a locked down drag on my favorite tarpon setup was no match for this grouper. After a couple minute fight he had us rocked up in a hole 50 yards from where we hooked him. With no hesitation Ben grabbed a mask and hopped in the water and proceeded to rip him out of his hole and toss him in the boat. We got two more bites off the grouper spot and landed one more 27incher that ate a mackerel.

We decided to head in, since we were lacking in the ice department, and call it a day around 3. Fun day on the water.

We live in a place with some of the best fishing there is. Put in some time and you will reap the rewards of our beautiful Bay. It looks like it will get cold here tomorrow and will change things up a bit as far as fishing goes. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving with their families.

Ps. if you have never tried Cobia sashimi you need to get on that. Sear on high for about 10secs on each side then cut extreemly thin. Dip in soy sauce.


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