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Finally a break in the wind 11/20/15, great day

Been a long blow. NOAA said the stream was 2 miles off the light,NOT! Hilton's said 12 1/2 to 13 from Coco Plum 1, on the money.
Found one other weed line at 10 out but only a chicken wanted to eat.
Got out to 13 and a summer weed line was there.
Kept a bunch all over 25 inches and one lone blackfin. Left a lot more go and lost a bunch more, new gaffers and lifters. We did have a big one on but could not keep him from loading up on weeds and coming unwound.
Funny thing it was raining and if I got out of the rain the bite shut off, so we fished in the rain, took a pellet beating in the tower. What we do for success.
John :USA
2006 38 Luhrs IPS600, A true 38, the only one made with IPS!
2001 23 Parker



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