11.20.15 Lower Keys Kayak - Sails, Dolphin, another angry shark, and more

It was a tad sporty but not too bad so ran out to the outside reef. Perfect wind for drift fishing as I could drift parallel to the reef and have one rod free lining and the other mid-water column using a 2oz egg sinker to get it down. No line problems with this set-up as the wind kept the flat liner up top. Used some med-large Pilchards I netted on the way out. Nice Sail on the mid-column rig while I was getting bit off or Bonita on the top line. After that ran out to the wreck for a little wrestle. Ran into a school of Dolphin on the way out and I am guessing the same school coming back in around 300'. The usual Shark chasing and a couple of bite offs on the wrecks. Nice day overall. The Dolphin ignored the Pilchards I had after I brought them to my kayak with the one I got on the troll. Nice underwater camera shots though.
Youtube - KEY WEST KAYAK FISHING https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkGY6yxE8kogYHKXisMhA2w
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