No water no problem!!!

Headed out to shell mound around 1Pm after getting a quick bite to eat at good ole hershells. Got there and water was GONE! Had to pole and trolling motor to our first spot and we threw out some shrimp. Few bites, managed a nice flounder and some small reds. Castnetted some mullet before we left that spot and headed out to an outisde bar. Paid off catching mullet first cast 26 inch red. Little bro was catching rat reds left and right. Water got higher and action got slower... So we moved around explored a little to find a fishy looking cove with lots of activity and that REALLY paid off. Both of us caught 20 inch reds back to back. He caught some more rats and i put on a topwater plug... Chucked the skitterwalk out few casts had a red miss 3 times and then finally ate, nice 24 inch red.... Later though, casting around with the skitterwalk..... Boom.... Biggest red to date coming in at 30 and 1/2 inches. Great day beautiful sunset and beautiful fish. Gotta love it.


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