Speed Jigging Muttons, African Pomps, and other Creatures

Hey All, Hope you guys have been crushing them, been awhile. Took some guys speedjigging in depths of 140-350 ft. using our Jimyjigs. Nice not having to bring a heavy leads and 60 lbs of chum to catch muttons. Leader set up was 40lb. The assist hook acts as the chaff. Lost a few Muttons to the taxman and groupers in 140 ft on rockpiles up off Pickles. Just drifted the ledge, marked the fish and dropped on their heads. No anchoring or chumming. Went out to 300 ft and did the same, marked the rockpiles and broken bottom before we dropped.

The guys I had aboard jig from Kayaks all day, so they had it dialed. Bite was at the low tide then just kept getting and better has the tide started to move. Caught a wide variety of fish and few "fish heads".

Dolphin bite was solid in 450 ft. Been running our new shallow water Kat boat back to the Gulf/Flamingo on windy days. Not much else to report, just fishing. November wind is here. Have a good fall fishing season.



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