Wading slam

Been awhile since I've posted a report so I figured I'd post how I did last weekend.
Took advantage of the good weather sunday (at least in the morning/early afternoon) and went out to my favorite wading spot. Fortunately I was able to convince my Dad to come along so I had a photographer :grin. Stopped at Gandy and got some shrimp in case I couldn't find any greenies on the flat. Got to the flat about 8:30 and started off with topwaters. I was throwing a livetarget mullet and my dad was throwing a spook in mullet coloration. After about 20 mins I hooked up with a nice redfish. We kept throwing the topwater for another 20 mins with nothing more than a few missed hits. I briefly switched to a gold spoon without any luck on that either. We then grabbed the castnet and waded out and were able to catch about 2-3 dozen greenbacks. While wading back to shore we saw a huge school of jacks going nuts but were unable to make it to our rods in time. We switched to the live bait and after about 15 minutes my dad hooked up with a nice trout (sorry no picture). After about 20 more minutes without a decent bite we decided to head to some mangrove islands on oyster bars. Me and my dad both hooked up with some trout. After another 20 minutes with no bites we started to head back to land when I almost stepped on a pod of snook. Somehow I was able to get one to hit my bait no more than 15 feet in front of me to complete my slam! After that we headed to one more spot with no luck before the rain hit.
For everyone figuring out a game plan for the upcoming week I would say start early with a topwater if bait is not available and after the sun gets higher in the sky switch to a soft plastic. We tried some of the shrimp but the puffers and other small stuff mutilated them before anything desirable had a chance. I would stick to greenbacks if you can get them. There is still a decent amount on the flats but I think they are starting to disappear. (I could be wrong though)
Although we didn't catch a lot of fish we considered it a successful day. I was very happy to get a slam because the darn redfish always seems to elude me when I catch the other two.
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