Blood on the maiden voyage Sunday

The boys have long outgrown the classic 13 whaler I restored a few years ago but it was so nice I didn't think I would ever get rid of it. They finally convinced me that because we never use it, someone else should enjoy it so it's up for sale. I found a very nice little 17 Mako with a 115 Etec last week, so until the whaler sells(see classifieds) my house looks like a boat yard.
Christi and I went for a boat ride yesterday afternoon and threw a couple of rods in the boat. It was choppy, 2-3 and close together with an outgoing tide but we slowly made our way offshore. Found great conditions in 200' and put a couple of bally's out. Ended up finding an incredible edge with huge mats and flyers in 600' with nobody around. After about 15 minutes we found a few dollies and a little tuna for sashimi. Could not have been a better afternoon with my wife.






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