Autorouting Now Goes Dock-to-Dock

mikenavmikenav Posts: 696 Officer
iPad and IPhone users with the Navionics Boating app can download the newest update and get auto routing that will take you dock to dock. Navionics is the only app that will take you from any dock to any other dock, using the safest and quickest route available. Red tracks appear as places to be cautious of (shallow channels, low bridges, etc.).
For an example, this screenshot shows a trip from a public ramp to Shrimpers restaurant in Port Salerno. Simply a matter of pressing on a starting point, pressing on a finishing point and letting the app get you where you're going. Safely.


  • HookupAndGoHookupAndGo Posts: 201 Deckhand
    Been off this particular forum for a long time.... But, that is a cool feature and one that I have wondered about often -- and needed.

    Very cool.
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