Another awesome day aboard the colossal catch

Todays crew capt tyler and myself and today we decided to head a little more north this time in search of a big grouper so we started the day by netting about 6 dozen mullet and a few dozen pinfish and headed out.Started fishing around 8:30 and by 8:45 we had a nice strawberry grouper in the boat ,not the one we were looking for but well take it just over 23 inches"(i know thats a big one) Set back up BAM a nice mutton hits the deck , they just started flowing in one after another with a few nice yellowtails and lanes.By now its nearing 2:30 and theres no sign of that big grouper we wanted,so he headed over to another spot that are known to have some big gags and blacks all over it set back up threw out some flat lines and started bending rods , once again mutton's and mangos were hitting the deck when suddenly the flat line goes off and a sail starts dancing ... we got two jumps on him and he spit the hook so back to the bottom we went were we got blasted about 4 times and just couldn't turn the heads on these monsters today all and all we had a awesome day with 5 mutton 1 strawberry 4 mangos and 5 yellowtail ... choose bait today live mullet and live grunts fishing 70-95 feet of water

capt Jon Kranker/colossal catch


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