Ginger snapper over thai peanut rice

FreeLifeFreeLife Posts: 18 Greenhorn
Made this today when i got to my place in the Keys and went fishing before going to the supermarket. Barely anything in the cabinet or fridge. As a plus, I did it all with one pot, so clean up is minimal.

snapper fillets
ginger Dressing
crushed red pepper
peanut butter
light brown sugar
lime juice

Dice the snapper. Put in bowl with a few squirts of lime juice and ginger dressing. Let sit while you make the rice.

Prepare white rice as per instructions. Once cooked and while still in pot, stir in peanut butter, crushed red pepper and light brown sugar. Remove from pot to plate.

Wipe pot out. Add in fillet chunks and marinade. Cook for 3 minutes. Pour fish/marinade mix over peanut rice.
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