1997 Ranger Caymen 184 baitwell question

Hunterhall10Hunterhall10 Posts: 23 Greenhorn
Hey everyone

We have a 1997 Ranger Caymen 184 and I had a question about the bait well. Just in front of the motor we have a bait well and a live well or larger bait well just to the side of it. We have used it the past couple times we went out and filled the bait well up and everything and threw some mullet in there. Of course the mullet made a mess and we could not figure out a way to drain the water from the well while the boat was in the water. We used the recirculating pump to aerate the water but it was still nasty mullet feces water. I was wondering if there was a way to pump freshwater in and the nasty water out or do we just have to deal with it. For the Live well next to the bait well there is a pump and aerator but we have not used this yet because we do not tournament fish. We were told if we filled the bait well up too much it would overflow into the live well. Both dump right out of the back of the boat when on land by unscrewing the plug. It just doesn't make sense to me that you can fill the bait well up with water but have to keep recirculating the same nasty water through the well. Thanks for any responses


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    Do you have any pictures of the wells and plumbing? I have a 2000 184 and only the center well is plumbed. The only way to drain the center completely is to take the boat out of the water. If the drain is not plug the well will fill to the water line on the boat.
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