Pompano 11/1/15

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Sunday morning came a little late as we enjoyed the DST time difference and found ourselves launching into the waves right as the sun was coming up. Birthday Boy Bobby, Carl and I met up with Leandro who was gearing up to hit the water solo. The waves were small, but such a short period we all got swamped on the surf launch and I came >.< this close to flipping. Leandro made a beeline for southern water while us three kept a more easterly track, putting bait out at 70ft.

I got the first strike, or you could say I lost the first fish as a decent king ate the middle 1/3rd of my gog but skillfully missed the nose hook and stinger treble :banghead

We continued to stay in the 100-150 ft range most of the day, paddling a bit south to try and find Leandro who was catching more fish than we were. I got Mahi #1 on one of these trolling sessions as we tried to get closer to Pompano Pier (current was moving north at about 1.5mph). This fish wasn't big, but she was not ready to come into the kayak, she even pulled the gaff out of my hand after I got the first gaff shot on her! Bobby used his gaff to rescue my gaff and I got the fish into the kayak on the second gaff shot. Phew!

Carl was next to get his Mahi (a similar size) and he learned from my circus act that he needed to let the fish tire out a bit before landing it. Good for him, his first Mahi!

Bobby was not so lucky, losing a few fish yak-side and broadcasting it all over channel 69 :rotflmao

We were thinking of calling it a day by 11am, but out of nowhere my last, near-dead, gog got smacked and I was onto Mahi #2. As with before, the fish did not want to come into the kayak. This time the mahi, after being landed, made a heroic leap back into the water! Fortunately I hadn't removed the hooks yet, and despite the now birdsnested reel, I was able to get him back into the boat with a gaffshot to the head.

Out of bait, we headed for shore to take some pics and head home.

I enjoyed using my Adrenaline rod for the first time, and will probably get a matching jigging rod when I get the chance.
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