Strange Day at YT

VertigoVertigo Yankeetown, FLPosts: 612 Officer
Got out yesterday afternoon and my buddy and I caught our limit of Reds pretty quickly. The strange thing happened when a tern landed on the boat, and stayed with us for about a half hour. He was close enough to touch and seemed unafraid although I was casting right over him most of the time. We finally lost him when we motored away. He hung on until about 25 mph, but got blown away at 30. Now the really weird part. About 2 hrs later and ten miles away, the same or a very similar bird landed in the same spot and stayed there about 15 minutes until we started the motor and got up to speed. I've had birds land on the boat before, but usually much further from land (we were never more than a few hundred yards from vegetation), and usually land birds who were exhausted. Anyone have a similar experience?


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