Waccasassa 10/24

Had a chance to take out my Granddaughter, my brother and my niece. Being the two girls have never caught Redfish I thought this would be a good chance to put them on some fish. Didn't really matter most were under slot, just catching was a blast for them. Every fish was "can you measure them, can we keep them". Was a blast with them two.. Still wound up with Three slot fish for a Redfish dinner.. Didn't really expect to catch much with a couple of pumped up Girls, but they had fun and already planning the next trip....

Can't start the morning without a nice sunrise....

Rileys first ever Redfish

Adisons first ever Redfish

Girls tagging up on another Red

Brother Brian with a keeper Red
If it don't fit force it. If it breaks it needed replace anyways. :banghead


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