Fun Friday Evening in the Wind - Wabasso

Fished small cut north of Vero and found the final remains of the mullet run and Snook going crazy. Caught a few on a Spook Jr. and a DOA Baitbuster. All between 5:45pm - 7pm.

Ended up with 6 Snook - released one boat side that easily went 36"+ and jumped 2 small Tarpon.


  • duckmanJRduckmanJR Posts: 19,794 AG
    Nice work George
    There are many roads to travel
    Many things to do.
    Knots to be unraveled
    'fore the darkness falls on you
  • squidvicioussquidvicious Posts: 528 Officer
    nice !
    can we please stop using the word ISSUE ? it's a PROBLEM
  • Fishin4AMissionFishin4AMission Posts: 90 Greenhorn
    Sounds fun I miss snook fishing down there!
  • Net 30Net 30 Posts: 1,011 Officer
    Went back out tonight at 6-7:00pm on a fast search and destroy mission…same spot.
    Got another 4…missed a bunch.

    I saw a few doing cartwheels chasing mullet and they were 20-25lb Snook…absolute PIGS.
  • Keep on SpoolinKeep on Spoolin Posts: 1,343 Officer
    Gotta love a report like that.
  • beachside321beachside321 Posts: 365 Officer
    Nice work and nice report, I need to get back out there
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