Sunday 10/18 - One and Done Trip

Was a washing machine Sunday out of Pompano but decided to head out and see what the turn in the weather would bring us. Cleared at 8:00 and setup. Nothing on the first shallow drift. Decided to push off a bit further and it paid off. Just finished getting a third flat out when one rod lights up like there is no tomorrow. Wouldn't you know it, its the only setup with a 2/0 on mono. Worked the fish for quite a while and finally got the chance to put a gaff in its head. Made the play and brought this beauty on board. We have a new nickname for the angler "Lady Luck". This is her second time out and she fought this fish like a pro. I don't know about you guys but without a picture of the hook-set I wouldn't believe this story. We headed back in as the weather started turning more sour and where bagging up the fillets around 10am.

1.jpg 82.5K
2.jpg 90.5K
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