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Lionfish Removal- Pictures, Videos and Documentation Project

reelstupidreelstupid Posts: 48 Deckhand
Alright guys I have a huge favor to ask of all fisherman and divers. Starting back in August, I began a project based on research and removal of Lionfish from local waters. I must display the affects and damage caused by the invasive specie. If you have any Lionfish that you do not plan on eating, I will GLADLY take them off of your hands! Ending April 2016 when the project is due I must have evidence of the damage caused, proof that the fish are abundant in south Florida waters and photo/video documentation of Lionfish themselves. I would love to see any pictures or videos y'all have and if you have any advice of where I could go to shoot, a few it would be greatly appreciated If you have the time, it would be awesome to hear your thoughts on the topic. Not going to be another bull****ter and ask for donations, rather all I ask is for your input, thoughts, videos, pictures and unwanted Lionfish! I will pick them up!! Feel free to DM me, email or text! I will post contact information below. THANKS AGAIN FOR ANY INPUT!!

Jack Sullivan (AKA Reelstupid)


[email protected]

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