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Cabo quik trip

I know this isn't an east central report or anything but I always like to see trips to see what its like fishing in other places. Had kind of a last minute invite from my sister to make use of her time share in Cabo San Lucas so we jumped on the computer and figured out some flights real quick and a week later were getting a new stamp in our passport. We were just going for 3 days total and didn't really have time to set up a charter or anything but lucked out once we got there and met a real nice local surfer, got to talking and ended up setting up to go out with him and his buddy the next morning. A Rooster fish has been on my bucket fish list for some time and was pretty stoked to cross that one off, had one boated withing the first half hour. The fishing method was pretty similar to here, slow trolling large live baits nearshore and looking for surface action. After catching that fish the seals wouldn't leave our baits alone (they are a real pain there!) so we made the run out to the marlin grounds. I leaned that their version of rough seas and ours for a small boat are two different things, 6-8 ft ground swell and 20-25mph winds were no big deal to them. Did a variety of slow trolling live bait, drifting and pulling lures, managed several take downs and one hookup on what they said was a 200# striped marlin that went airborne 40yrds behind the boat and threw the hook. Didn't manage a leader touch or anything but was pretty awesome to see a few of those big boys fining on top surfing those swells! Cabo is and great beautiful place with some amazing fishing opportunity's, can't wait to go back! (and hopefully get some surfing in next time)
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  • Fly HookerFly Hooker Posts: 4,199 Captain
    Looks like you had a lot of fun fishing! Gotta love roosters, we caught them from the surf as I spent a lot of time down there back in the day.

    It is still an amazing place to fish, I like the East Cape area a lot!
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