Doubled up!

Left the yak behind this morning.. My buddy Ashton and I hit the river this morning for a quick little trip .. found a nice school of bulls, got in position and were rewarded with a double hookup .. He got his on topwater.. It was awesome watching these beasts come up out of the water trying to destroy it.. I got mine on a 4" MrWiffelure in Pearl White.. We each got a fish, released them promplty, happy and healthy, then left em alone and went and looked for some snook (which we never found :cry )






^ I guess the camera lens got smudged when we were passing off the camera.. bummer on the blurry pic!!!


^Also got a little slottie on the MrWiffelure skipping deadwood for snook at first light..

Couple days ago I also got out in the yak .. Had a steady day, getting a drum slam and also nearly got the elusive 5 species slam.. put 8 tarpon in the air but none stuck and lost a decent little snook at yakside, he shook off while I was getting the camera ready..



^ The school of drum I found were crushing finger mullet.. There was no question in my mind I was poling up on a school of reds.. shocked to find out they were all drum!


Also got all these on the MrWiffelure in Pearl White.. Great lure, provokes a vicious reaction strike when they see the tail kicking.. it's eat first and ask questions later.. is the place to go to check em out..


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