Haulover - 10/8 Fishing Reports - Mahi's 3' miles out....

Took the day off today but just couldn't drag myself out of bed as early as I had intended. Even my wife commented on me leaving late, but in the end it did not matter.

High Tide was crazy high, more on this at the end.

I ran down the beach and saw tons of mullet, including one school in which Tarpon was jumping getting their fill. Managed to net a whopping 3 mullet (One skill to learn on my checklist, throw a large heavy net). Did manage one hook-up, but it lasted about 5 minutes. Fun start.

Decided to do some bottom fishing and vertical jigging. Trolled up a bunch of small bonita's for bait which seemed to be everywhere.

After about 15 of them, a Spanish Mackeral decided to join the party

I then went to a few bottom and vertical fishing spots and ended up catching a nice Mutton on the cut Bonita

Vertical jigging did not produce anything significant, except a few blue runners and a small BF

As I was moving to another spot saw Frigid Birds working, plus tons of bait skipping the surface and trying to get away from Predators. Trolled and picked up a nice lifter Mahi only about 3 miles off the beach.....noticed a few bigger brothers swimming along and pitched cut Bonita to one of them. Bam, hook up

While I was messing around with getting the Mahi on Ice and getting the boat cleaned I decided to throw out another chunk of Bonita and sure enough a bigger one hit

What made all this all so much more fun and challenging was that I was solo and had to gaff the fish while handling the rod, plus I finally figured out the selfie timer feature on my cell phone :-)

Solid day of action all within a few miles of the beach.....the Mahi were caught between 50-60'.

Back at the dock the tide was super high - a flats boat actually was able to go all the way up to the Haulover Marine Center in the boat

If you are planning on going out this weekend, be prepared for this tide and don't sink your truck :nono
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