Late report 9/27 triple tail to tarpon

Sorry for the delay. Been out of town with the wife

The boys wanted to get out before the wife and I left for our anniversary trip up north so we headed over to Suwannee on Sunday (the 27th) Dropped the boat in at Suwannee shores and headed towards Deer Island to see if any triple tail were home. It is a long ride in my slow boat and I was hoping the old traps I found earlier in the summer were still there. To my delight the first one was there. I dropped the trolling motor and eased up to it and sure enough, there is one floating next to the buoy. My kids make several cast (bad) before dear old dad had to show them how it's done. Flip the shrimp under a cork up there and instantly get hooked up to a nice 10 pounder. Get it netted and in the boat and ease back up to the buoy and the kids both make several cast with out a bite. I decide to lower my cork another 2 1/2 foot and throw back up and sure enough fish on again. Not quit as big as the last but a good 8 pounds. We fish it for about 10 more minutes and make the call to see if the second trap is still there. Get to where it was and no dice. Gone. So head to where the third and final trap is, hopefully. Sure enough it is still there. We did not see any fish on it but made cast at it any way. My second cast and the cork goes under and drag starts screaming. Another 10 pounder jumps. We get him netted and in the box. My kids both agreed that I needed to put my rod down. lol We ease back up to the buoy and Josh get hits one the first cast. Not a big one but still around 5 pounds. As we get it close to the boat we notice a big one following it. Jacob tosses his shrimp right in front of it and they are doubled up. Get Josh's in quickly and begin battling Jacobs. After a good fight a nice 12/13 pounder is netted and put in the box. I now have 5 of these dinosaurs to clean so call off the triple tail fishing. The tide was going to be very high around 2 so make the call to go fish some flooded grass around deer island. Ease into this little feeder creek and jump up on the platform and I am instantly greeted with tails waving. Pole in and give the boys shots at about 15 tailing reds. Josh landed 2, Jacob pulled the hooks on 3. He gets excited on the hit. And I pulled one from the platform that tried to sneak up from behind. Saw another 10 or so that were just to far off to get to. We were stoked with the day now and decided to call it and get a late lunch in Suwannee. On the ride in we see a big flock of birds diving on the water and decide to hit it. Just never know. We all tie on skitter walks to hopefully pick larger fish out. Well about 10 cast in Josh gets hit by what appeared to be a small car swimming on the flats. After a 50 yard blistering run, an 80 or so pound tarpon comes air born. I get on the trolling motor hard and start to run him down. Josh only has a 30# leader on so I was not sure how this was going to work out. He fights it for about 10 minutes getting several good jumps out and actually gets it back to with in about 10 yards of the boat before she gives one more good jump and spits the skitter walk. We were happy with that. And head for the hill for an even later lunch.

The picture my knife hates.

The only shot I took up in the grass

I got one good shot of the tarpon


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