Gopro users

I'm new to the Gopro camera having just bought the latest version a couple of weeks ago. In addition to the Hero HD I bought the LCD backpack, extra battery and cards.
I have used it twice and have watched some of the first footage on the computer...thats about it.
What editing software do you guys use?
I want to add music, edit out the crap, etc...
PC base.
Thanks in advance, I appreciate it.


  • WaterEngineerWaterEngineer Posts: 24,414 AG
    Want something easy, fast and no brainer = Movie Maker and it is free

    Want something with more options, more robust but will create an interesting (and better) end result = Premier or Premier Pro.

    Of course the price to pay for the flexibility is a steeper learning curve.
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  • Cane PoleCane Pole Stuart, FLAPosts: 9,729 Admiral
    Sony Vegas works well on the PC for editing and is about $50.
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  • Native FloridianNative Floridian Posts: 702 Officer
    Thanks guys!
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