ANGLER MANAGEMENT weekend recap - charters and Blue water babes

Saturday was the blue water babes tournament and I was brought on to fish with 6 lovely ladies. The water conditions have improved from where they were a week ago. The clarity is better and the current is light but at least it's moving. We loaded the rampage with 3 dozen live baits and the dredge and headed out and ran considerably south past breakers to about 200 feet where we would troll northeast working shallow so we stayed with our nose I to the wind so no one got sick.

The action started in 140 and was hot all day from 70-130 feet from trump to breakers. We were able to hook lots of fish and the lady anglers did their best and we captured 4 nice fish over 3 hours. They were able to get 4th place dolphin and 4th place King however the prize money was paid only three prizes. Oh well. Fun day out there until we had to cut it short due to a bilge failure. Had to head in early and the ladies had no issue with starting cocktail hour at noon.

Sunday was a day off for me. I decided to get some respooling done on about 20 combos on our larger vessel so I hosted an "open house" seminar. I filled the cooler with cold beer and water and all forum members and friends can stop in, talk boats, fishing and rigging and I'm happy to help everyone learn a few new tips. I'll look at my calendar today and post a few dates for kite seminars as I have gotten several requests but I've been busy!

The center console ran a charter Sunday and they had a great day on a combo charter. They started off just out front of PBI and threw the kites out. They worked the area 60-110 feet and never had to move for four hours. There was action with kingfish, cudas, Dolphins and several sailfish. Once they were out of bait they headed inshore to play with the big jacks around the mullet schools and used 12-15 pound mono outfits to tackle jacks to 20 pounds. What a great day on the water and another NOAA complete whiff!!
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