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Mosquito Lagoon- 9/26/2015 report

Was hoping to head offshore, but couldn't get upgrades completed in time on the CC.

Decided to head out with my pops on his BeaverTail looking for some big reds in the lagoon. Woke up and saw the big bright full moon and thought this day may suck.

Got to 42 right before sunrise and there was already 20 or more boats out and we thought it would be busy out there. Heard from my brother and a friend of his there was some big breeders on Tiger.

Got on the flat on the wrong side and battled the slight breeze from the NE and the sunrise poling towards the NE. Saw a bunch of large to medium sized mullet all over the place in the **** poor water quality. Spent 1hr or so and only saw 1 red. Bummer

Off to my dads honey hole on Tiger and struck out again. Pulled hook on something.

Spot #3 a little further north and to the east and struck out again.

Spot #4 further east in an area that was perfect for some fish- medium and small mullet all over the place. Dad pulled hook on a nice trout. Bummer again.

Spot #5 George's bar- water quality was a little bit better but still nothing. 1 tiny trout I caught

Spot #6 Grouper Spot 1- dropped some shrimp thinking maybe some reds are sitting along the bottom as we marked some fish. 1 small mangrove and 3 channel cats bummer again

Spot #7 Grouper Spot 2- 3 more channel cats. This day is really starting to suck

Final Spot #8 Haulover- marked a ton of big fish on the north side east of the bridge. Current was really moving and we thought might be able to pull something out. NOPE 1 whiting.

Over with the torture and headed back to the ramp to see a fiasco with a bay boat trying to load up.

Only bonus was finding out that McD's now offers breakfast all day so couple egg mcmuffins for the drive home.

Today brother shows me a video from somebody on Saturday fishing somewhere in Mosquito Lagoon surrounded by big breeder reds hitting topwater lures.


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