Snapper fishing P/E 9/27

Went out Saturday night during the highest tide I have ever seen in awhile. Started fishing at 10:00pm and didn't get back to the dock until 3:00am. I makrked some good bottom and set out my chum bag. Within a few minutes we were catching mangrove and yellowtail but most were at the minimum legal size so I threw them back. The current picked up and I knew at that moment I had my chance at some bigger yellowtails. Switched over to my 1/8 ounce glow in the dark jig and literally had to let out all 200 yds of my line in order to get to the school. It was a blast! Caught 7 nice tails from 15-21" and lost 2 nice size muttons :banghead. The sharks came and I started to bring back heads and then the bite stopped.


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