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It was worth the wait

After 1 month of no angling due to boat issues and other items, got back on the water Saturday Sept 26th!
Launched @ Caxambas with 2 dozen shrimp @ 6:55. Water temp was 84.5 and tide was incoming.
Went to the beach and promptly was met with a huge blow-up on a magnum Pop-R. Swing and a miss. The next 30 minutes was large jacks and few more swings/misses. Then the GF says "fish-on" and it turns out to be a 21" redfish on a white buck tail. 10 minutes later, she tags another 21" redfish. All this while I am slaying the jacks. Whee! I then get tagged by something that says "I'm going to Mexico"........100 yards of line then pop! I would imagine my Pop-R is now having a beer in Cozumel. So I tie on a 4"blue Yo-Zuri and start jerking. Lo and behold, a 19" trout comes aboard. Girlfriend says fish on and I net an 18" trout. 15 minutes go by and my lure is 5 feet in front of the boat and a wonderful site of seeing another 19" trout take my lure. I guess I forgot to write about the 2 smaller (18") snook the GF caught and the 2 same size lost at the boat.
Things get slow and we wander to the Morgan River. Nothing. Out toward the bubble houses. Nothing. Back around to east of Cape Romano, a few blue runners, 1 bluefish and a lane snapper.
Back to the beach and we anchored where the GF got her redfish. I'm throwing shrimp under a cork to complete my trash can slam. And there he/she is....kitty, kitty, kitty. The GF gets an inshore slam, I get the trash can. A couple casts later, cork goes down......19" redfish.
Final tally:
3 redfish
3 trout
1 bluefish
1 Lane
2 blue runners
Many jacks/ladyfish and the obligatory catfish.

For not being on the water for a month, it was worth the wait!!
Be safe out there.

Side note: Low tide at 5:40am and when we got done at 12:30pm, the ramp walkways at the launch were darn near parallel to the water. Tide must have moved close to 3-feet! Bushes were extremely flooded. Last note....Infinity squared times two were the number of tiny baitfish I counted. Many areas of these small fish getting pounded by the macks and jacks.

OK, I'm done. Hope to get out next weekend, even with a front forecast.
Polar 1900 Yamaha 115


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