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PC Offshore 09-26-15 Raining MAHI

Headed out of the Port after a quick live bait stop. Stopped around the 27 to try the bottom and the water looked like Pea Soup (Thanks to a big fresh water dump in South FL) Nothing but sharks on the bottom. Headed East until we found some blue water and it was a long trip East. Finally Hit the bluewater around 1300 ft and off to the NE we see a swell come up and see a giant weed patch, We pick up two phins. We leave the weed patch and head off to the SE and not to far off we find a big blue crate just under the surface, As we pass the crate we look behind the boat and see tons of dolphin greyhounding through our Spread, 3 guys on the boat and all 4 rods go down. After a bunch of acrobatics and us moving lines up under and around the other lines with some epic teamwork we get all 4 fish in the boat. As we are getting the last fish to the boat we see a bunch of phins under the boat. Time to get out the Spinning rods, we start pitching live mullets and start slinging phins in the boat. Got back to the port around 5:30 with 29 Phins and a triple Tail. Epic day with good friends.


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