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Kayak Fishing Tips

Hey guys my name is Larry. I live up in Ohio, active duty marine (0311) 03-07 , and am now a software engineer, and am a kayak fishing addict. Smallmouth are my fish of choice on the smaller flows up here, but I will go after anything that is biting.

A few times a year I make it to the coast to go after some large fish, normally reds, but really just looking for a great fight. Which leads me to Marco Island. Ill be staying down there this October for a week in condo with some family and family friends.

After looking around, I cant seem to get a good answer from simply searching, so I thought I would ask some of the guys that I may see on the water while I am down there this October.I plan on renting a kayak as I cant get the wife to join me on the 16 hour drive to bring my own. But I would like to pick up some gear before I come down. In myrtle this year I started to target sharks and needless to say even my larger bass bait casters just weren't holding up, surprise.

Any advice on the minimum size reel you would recommend for going after sharks/tarpon in a kayak? I prefer baitcasters but could be convinced on a spinning reel if need be.


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