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Bulls on Deck

Hey yall, Marc here (cbmdk86) .. got tired of that screen name lol.. ANYWAYS..

Been really busy and haven't been on the water much at all lately.. decided to blow it out this weekend and fish like hell .. Played under the big moon and did pretty good, also caught a destroyed cast net when I was cast netting mullet and netted about a 30" Black Drum.. he wasn't too happy about it lol.. If he was a bit smaller he may have ended up in my cooler :grin


Hit the flats with a buddy of mine this morning.. Weather conditions were great, water conditions and numbers of fish however left much to be desired.. We poled around in the murk for 3 hours without seeing a single fish.. I finally ran into one, almost literally but with the extreme murkiness it didn't see me .. I flipped my Pearl White MrWiffelure 3 feet in front of and 3 feet beyond the fish and proceeded to rip it back to me and he absolutely crushed 5 feet from the boat, within spitting distance.. One of the greatest eats I have ever witnessed.. And as you can tell by the pics, he was really trying to eat it.. That was the one and only red I saw all morning but hey, I'll take it..





All in all I had a blast this weekend!


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