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CR 9/18 Big Reds

Had one of my oldest and best friends Jon in town and took the day off work Friday to try to put him on some Crystal River action. Picked up some pinfish and shrimp at Captain's Cove (awesome owner, always try to stop there) then picked up some selects just for good measure at Moore's. Put in at Fort Island and made our way to the first redfish spot a couple hours into the outgoing. First up was this donkey 33" red that ate a pinfish immediately as it hit the water.

The action slowed down so we headed out to try to find a couple scallops. We found one. That's it.

Also caught the first trout I've seen in awhile.

We cruised around awhile waiting for the tide to start coming back in then tried to find something for dinner. Just as the wind and rain starting picking up we managed to boat two upper slot reds, one on a pinfish and one on shrimp. All in all an awesome day at Crystal River.


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