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ML on Sunday / IRL on Monday

Wow, what a difference in fishing venues. ML water looks like chocolate milk from top to bottom. Fished it on Sunday. Highlight of the day was the 48.5" big boy my brother-in-law caught. Headed back out with my nephew on Monday and fished the IRL both north and south of the NASA Causeway. Water was very clear in both areas. Picked up several reds and a nice trout. Saw a big school of monster reds thrashing mullet pods. Due to my position/distance from them and where they were located in relation to the wind I had no shot at getting close to them. Cool to see them from the tower of the Maverick. Anyway, after a few dud outings in a row, I have had 5 pretty good trips lately, with 3 of them producing double digit reds.

To the guide that was fishing next to me up on Tiger Shoals: I apologize again for having to start my motor and barely putting boat into gear. We did the normal reviving effort on that bull red Sunday but could not get 'er to swim away. Once we put the boat in gear and filtered more water through it gained strength. The fishing went to crap in that area after so I am sure I spooked everything off that flat.

Attached a couple pictures......


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