9/21/2015 Key Biscayne

We fished about 16nm NNE of Key Biscayne. We found an awesome weedline and had it all to ourselves. Trolled down it for a while, it took about 10-15 min to find the fish. Hooked up with a nice fish in the 20lb class which brought the school with them. Once the school showed up we used spinners with chunks of little tunny. Almost all of the fish were gaffers and not very picky. Ended up with 14 and decided to call it a day (my friend was headed to the airport).

Just a note to be careful out there. When I was flipping a fish off the gaff into the boat I caught myself right above the knee with the gaff. It bled pretty bad and I didn't have a first aid kit on board (now I will be going out and getting one). I had to use a facebuff to apply pressure and stop the bleeding. Let my mistake be your lesson, if you hit a major artery it could be all over before you can get back to shore. Best of luck to you if you get out this week. It wasn't bad on Monday, but the rollers were pretty good size in the Gulf Stream.

My son didn't come on this trip, but he had to be there for the pictures. He is 4 for a size reference and loves fish.


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