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Melbourne Sharks and Nearshore

Went driving down the beach starting in Canaveral looking for mullet pods. Stopped along the way at a ton of spots. Nothing seemed to be happening until I reached south melbourne, where there was a ton good bird action. I saw the water boiling beneath them and decided to finally launch the kayak at 9:30.

I head out and tie on a plug and start chucking it. Spanish mackerel and some bluefish here and there but it was fun watching them smash the plug. The sharks roll in and I lose a mackerel and my plug to a feisty blacktip. I decide to hook up a big circle hook w/soft plastic, catch a mackerel and then hook a shark. The plan worked effortlessly and it was on! I worked a blacktip on my trout rod!

I ended the day around noon. It wasn't the crazy mullet run, tarpon action I had hoped for but it was still fun having the drag peel off the spool and get towed around in the kayak.

SORRY for the salty lens and music. You probably won't like it but I left the last fight with the shark without it so you can hear the drag singing.

Kayak Sensei :stinkfish


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